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1212 nine feet blow molding tray, why for logistics industry?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-07
1212 nine feet blow molding tray, why for logistics industry? According to interview some logistics enterprise director: modern plastic pallet manufacturers of logistics enterprise core demands of revolving tray has the following several points: the use of high strength, long life, don't take any storage area, low attrition rate, high cost performance in several aspects. Isn't that what said 1212 nine feet blow molding tray? Logistics industry for the use of tray strength high, heavy cargo, forklift truck, and operator's wrong operation may result in the wastage of the tray, and according to our investigation, some cooperation in the logistics enterprise use A wooden pallet during 6 years, average annual purchase 20000 pieces, and use A year down almost all scrap, each purchase cost in 60 yuan, the annual procurement costs in 1. 2 million, the use of the tray during 6 years in 7. 2 million. Wooden pallets, the service life of the logistics industry is only half a year time, its advantage is to repair, after several rounds of maintenance, can reach a year of life, its security is relatively low stability, maintenance also need the extra cost. Its advantage is one-time procurement cost is low, the load is strong. Another cooperation logistics company B, use steel tray for a long time, the advantages of steel pallet is obvious bearing world hegemony, structure stability is strong, its defects are not flexible, since big, turnover is easy to damage to the goods during manual handling needs 2 or more persons carrying, wrong operation easy to produce inductrial injury, in warehouse environment humid conditions such as prone to oxidation reaction, reduce the service life; We provide logistics enterprise with the corresponding tray using solution, 1212 blow molding nine feet Plastic collapsible crateis the star product warehousing logistics, the following on A tray usage cost analysis: annual consumption of 20000, each purchase price is wooden tray 2. About five times, but the service life is 6 times, under the condition of manufacturers to provide quality assurance, can also with old change new. Is equal to the cost for enterprises to save money. So what's the difference in actual use,? , security, quality is relatively soft, won't damage to the goods, 1 artificial handling enough, will not lead to inductrial injury accident; Second, bearing, blow molding of the high strength weighed within the scope of the load even damp environment does not affect the load; Third, no maintenance, easy to clean. Fourth, strong ability to adapt, even in the chemical industry under the environment of high temperature or cold, still normal use. Above is the plastic pallet manufacturers and organize information for everyone, hope to be able to help you, we also welcome you have questions to our consultation at any time.
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