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2017 Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition will be staged soon, leading the new trend of logistics development in Central China

by:Qusheng     2021-03-08
With the convening of the Belt and Road International Summit Forum, Zhengzhou, as an important node city of the “Belt and Road” and a strategic fulcrum city of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge, has been given the opportunity to build a logistics channel hub that connects domestic and foreign countries and radiates east, middle and west. , Selling worldwide'. Zhengzhou Airport, Zhengzhou International Dry Port, China-Europe Express (Zhengzhou), Zhengzhou cross-border e-commerce, comprehensive large port and other open platform systems, as well as a series of national strategies such as Henan Free Trade Zone, Central Plains City Group, and National Central City, make Zhengzhou It has more support for the development of the logistics industry. As the only professional exhibition for the logistics industry in the central region, the 2017 China Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition takes 'smart logistics to make life better' as its main theme, leading the development trend of the logistics industry in the central region, and has attracted the attention of the industry. The largest professional exhibition of “Smart Logistics + Cold Chain Logistics” in Central China has been held for the fourth consecutive year. Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition will be held at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 2-4, 2017. With the main purpose of “Better”, we are committed to building a business platform for the entire industry chain of warehousing, transportation and distribution, and provide integrated solutions for the logistics industry on site. u003cbru003eThe exhibition has an area of u200bu200b20,000 square meters, attracting 300 companies from the fields of logistics and distribution services, material handling technology and equipment, warehousing and workshop logistics equipment, logistics packaging materials, logistics system integration, cold chain logistics transportation and technology Leading companies at home and abroad. The latest products and services in the whole process of 'warehouse, transportation and distribution' u003cbru003eLogistics is not limited to transportation, but the entire industry chain of warehousing, transportation and distribution. The Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition brings together leading companies in the entire logistics industry chain. The transportation vehicle sector is led by well-known companies such as Foton Daimler, Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck, Karry Green Card, JAC, Jiangling, Time and other well-known companies. It will showcase heavy trucks, light trucks, and new energy logistics transportation. Cars, etc.; storage and handling exhibition area, Zhongcha, Shanye, Ruyi, Daxi, Longgong, XGMA, Henderson, Liyang, Akei, Mulinsen, Relacart, Dongtuo, etc. will display the latest material handling equipment; storage technology area, Walker , Zhongyang, Yongchuang, Huaqing Kesheng, Norbert, Huaheng, Express Dragon, etc. will showcase intelligent, convenient and storage equipment products such as automated three-dimensional warehouses, smart containers, AGVs, warehousing software, and automated storage shelves; In the green packaging exhibition area, Wenzhou Outron, Wenzhou Zhenping, Yongchuang, Sealed Air, Hebei Bangqiang, Tianjin Parkway, Yiwu Xinwo, Shanghai Elbe and other enterprises will display the latest cushioning packaging products and packaging machinery; in the cold chain In the logistics exhibition area, Kaixue, Songchuan, Tianfeng, Fuxin, Tongxin, Sanhe, Zhongrui, Merira, etc. will display new energy refrigerated trucks, cold storage energy-saving panels, refrigeration units, refrigerated insulation and preservation equipment. Cooperate with the Industry Fair to create a 'manufacturing + logistics' business platform for the entire industry chain u003cbru003eThe 13th China Zhengzhou Industrial Equipment Expo held at the same time is the largest, most influential, and most comprehensive industrial equipment expo in central China. The dual exhibitions are linked to connect the upstream and downstream of the logistics industry and attract 60,000 professional visitors. Provide a one-stop purchasing and trading platform for the entire industry chain from factory equipment to storage, transportation and distribution equipment. High-profile concurrent forums lead the industry development trend u003cbru003eA number of high-end conference forums will be held in the same period of the exhibition, focusing on current industry hot spots such as smart logistics, cold chain distribution, and material handling, and face-to-face discussions with industry celebrities about new trends in the logistics industry. Among them, the inauguration ceremony of the Henan Province Logistics Park Cooperation Alliance organized by the Henan Province Logistics Purchasing Federation and the first batch of Henan Province's first batch of demonstration logistics park awarding conferences will be held in the Dahe Hall of the Conference Center of Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center; jointly held with ChinaWotong.com The 2017 Central China (Zhengzhou) Smart Logistics Industry Development Summit Forum will specifically discuss the new logistics u0026 new demands u0026 new opportunities in the era of 'Internet +Excellent logistics companies gathered to talk about the new era of smart logistics. Supported by the China Forklift Aftermarket Federation and 'Forklift' magazine, the second Central Forklift Conference will gather nearly 200 people including industry associations, brand OEMs, parts dealers, leasers, agents, end users, and industry media. Veterans in the forklift and logistics equipment industry discussed the development plan of the forklift industry in Central China. At the same time, the exhibition site will also hold the Cold Chain Logistics Industry Forum, the Central Plains Logistics Park Summit Forum, and discuss the new trends of the cold chain and logistics market in Central China. Shanghai Qusheng Co., Ltd. (Shanghai No.1 Plastic Factory) Plastic Turnover Box Hoarding Box Plastic Pallet
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