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4 necessary conditions to consider in the selection of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-06-04

 一. Color

At the color level, the plastic turnover box plastic boxes converted by Shenzhen Baidesheng Plastics Company are divided into five basic colors: red, yellow, blue, green and black for customers to choose.

Second, size

The company has spent considerable effort to develop and design plastic crates glue in thousands of sizes at the level of plastic crates size. However, the company must pay attention to the purchase of plastic boxes, what products are packed in plastic turnover boxes, the size of the product, and the size of several products. After having this actual data information, contact me Tell the staff to indicate the size regulations, which can save you the time to find the size, and have special skills!

3. Net weight

The plastic turnover box produced by the company will be It involves the processing of several sets of molds in one size. However, the net weight of the plastic turnover box produced by each abrasive tool will be different. Therefore, the plastic turnover box that the company must use must be purchased according to the company's product net weight.

Four. Price

Some companies will try to reduce costs and choose some low-priced plastic turnover boxes. This is unquestionable, but it must be based on specific regulations. To buy, if the goods are not too heavy, you can choose some cost-effective, slightly inferior quality plastic containers. If your products are heavier, you must pay attention to buying thicker ones. Plastic crates and plastic boxes.

In addition, in the case of selecting plastic turnover box products, it must be based on its own specific application conditions. In the general grasp of the different characteristics and operating methods of plastic turnover box products, effective selection of , in order to give full play to the role of plastic turnover box. In the case of selecting plastic turnover boxes, it is necessary to grasp the cost-effectiveness of plastic turnover boxes. In addition, the service life and raw materials of plastic turnover boxes should be considered. In addition, it is necessary to establish which plastic turnover boxes are necessary.

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