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4 through plastic pallet industry. The era of

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
4. 0 is put forward by German, simply is the fourth time in manufacturing industrial revolution.
we learn from history is the first time the industrial revolution was launched by the British in the 1760 s by the nearly hundred years, mainly in machinery to replace manual steam industrial revolution. After nearly a century until today we experienced the second industrial revolution, Electrification of the industrial revolution) , the third industrial revolution ( Energy, electronics, information) By all previous industrial revolution in the history of the interpretation, it is easy to find, the interval time of the industrial revolution has become more and more short.
https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com / : through the analysis on time, the fourth industrial revolution is imperative, in 2013 the German industrial 4 is put forward. As a concept 0, and 2020 need to implement one of the top ten goals, what is the industrial 4. The era? It is three simple intelligence. Smart factory production, smart, intelligent logistics. Intelligence factory is the very good understanding, more advanced and more intelligent devices, this is the whole world has said is quite perfect manufacturing environment. Intelligent manufacturing, namely the terminal customer demand, manufacturing on-demand production, rather than blindly production inventory wastes the intangible, is equivalent to the functional integration of productivity.

smart logistics: through the Internet, the Internet of things, logistics network, integration of logistics resources, make the product circulation, match with faster speed. So a big circle industries 4. What's the relationship between the plastic tray and the era? We basically see the third link, intelligent logistics. Logistics turnover is inseparable from the plastic tray, if you want to achieve with the matching of intelligent logistics, Plastic collapsible cratewhat improvement needs to be done?
the first standardized size custom, industrial 4. The era of the tray is no longer just used to a single revolving tool factory to warehouse, but the cohesion of the bridge between multiple or global enterprise warehouse, so it is imperative to a standardized size. This not only can save the waste caused by different sizes between businesses can greatly reduce cycle time more, after all, in this era of time is particularly valuable resources.
the second global information collecting plastic tray, in recent years, wireless rf technology is widely used in the industries of plastic tray ( Especially with the tobacco industry) , where is now my tray, placed what goods, weight is how much? Even if the tray used in global turnover cycle, we still can get first-hand detailed information through intelligent terminal.
4 in industry. The era of seemingly distant is closely connected with every aspect of our lives. For our plastic pallet industry, adapt to changing trend of warehousing, inconvenience is imperative.

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