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A few questions to help you choose the right plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
Plastic pallet manufacturers to produce Plastic collapsible crateproducts has its own set of numbering scheme, the serial number of each manufacturer are not the same. Because of frequent can meet customer asked how many of your family how many tray number is how many money? Fiercely really let a person listen to is a confused, had to from scratch in a a problem to understand customers' needs. Aiming at this problem, the best solution is to let customers know before the purchase of plastic tray, need to know some of the things, so that at the time of purchasing plastic pallet, plastic pallet manufacturers to be knowledgeable about your situation to give you recommend the most suitable for your product.

the main problems which need to be know in advance are the following:

first, need to buy what size plastic tray. Can be considered from several aspects, such as according to the size of the warehouse area or according to the size of the product size to determine the size of the need to purchase plastic pallet size.

second, each piece of plastic pallet load is how much. Load is very important for plastic tray, a data must be based on their use to identify the most accurate load condition.

third, plastic pallet ready to how to use? Is used on the ground or on the shelves, is often cooperate with forklift when plate use or need to use.

the above three points is that you need to prepare the information before buy plastic pallet, only when ready to fully consider the various situation, can buy the most suitable plastic tray

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