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About 1210 double-sided grid shows the weight of the plastic pallet

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
China's current domestic tray mostly in Europe and the United States tray design for prototype development, after years of market precipitation has from pure imitation to design a more suitable for the situation of China's storage tray structure.

on weight of plastic tray, not related to the current domestic standards, generally based on consumer demand as the guidance. For example 1210 double-sided tray around 2000 domestic common completely imitate the foreign prototype, in 20 kg weight design. At present domestic one-time molding 1210 double-sided grid plastic pallet, weight of products mainly concentrated in the 17th. 05 - 18. 0 kg, it is a widely recognised, the weight of the inspection after years of market application. Why is the weight of the product and many years ago had such a big difference.

the first, from the perspective of the energy conservation product weight increased, directly increase the purchase cost of customers.
the second material, product in continuous improvement, such as plastic pallet industry now commonly in use on the basis of the polyethylene or polypropylene modified material, the proportion of material and lighter, the pallet weight of the same structure with a proportion of decline. And get the material toughness and strength are better.
the third, the structure of the product in the continuous improvement, relative to the early coarse old heavy tray, pay more attention to the current mainstream tray in the improvement of mechanical structure, more scientific and more reasonable product structure will be appropriate to reduce the material cost.
4, product technology in the improvement of early double tray more restricted by injection molding machine clamping force is given priority to with secondary welding, in order to guarantee the strength of the tray can only think of some way to from the weight. Now injection molding machine clamping force is greatly increased, adopt one-time injection molding, the structure of the same tray to use less material can achieve the same load requirements.
5, 1210 double-sided grid load parameters for the dynamic load of 1. 5 t, 6 static load. 0 t, part of the customers' dynamic load occasionally requirements to consider a single tray 2. 0 t, the heavier from intuitively think tray do more dependable. Actually we ignore a bit, 1200 * 1000 tray placed above 2 t goods when the goods more than 2 m height is typically the forklift lifting cargo in the process of marching view is blocked by the goods completely, it is very unsafe, is not in conformity with the specification of forklift operation.
so from energy saving, structure, technology, security and so on various aspects to consider, 17. 5 - 18. 0 kg is a conform to the national conditions and reasonable weight of demand.

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