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About the notice of the unity of three certificates

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
https://www. cnpalletbox。 com/( Hereinafter referred to as: Qusheng plastic) As a plastic pallet manufacturers, domestic industry leader, in response to a good system of 'the combination of three certificates, a yard according to' registration reform policy. Work according to the < General Office of the State Council about accelerate reform of the system of 'three certificates' registration opinion> notification requirements, do a good job in the linkage between the old and the new procedure, avoid to bring unnecessary trouble, to the customer and supplier, do some instructions.
1。 In February, 2016, our company apply for the joining together of three certificates, VAT information of make out an invoice will be have some change. In February, no special situation to suspend all the VAT invoice, hope the broad masses of customers to understand.
2。 There are still not open VAT invoice in our company, please contact our company finance department as soon as possible, so as not to cause you unnecessary trouble, we apologize for the inconvenience.
3。 For clients have made changes to the unity of three certificates, please inform the new information of make out an invoice, my company to stagger, leakage invoice.
4。 For the deposit, temporarily not invoice customers, sanqing do payment before we change ticket.
thank you very much for all the customers for supporting Qusheng plastic, entered the twelfth month, early to wish you all the friends happy New Year, all the best!
https://www. cnpalletbox。 com/- The finance department
2016. 1. 16

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