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About the price of plastic turnover box and cost calculation

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
About the price of plastic turnover box and costing the customer on the phone about plastic turnover box when the general concern of the are: one is the quality, the second is the price, third, after-sales service. Plastic pallet manufacturers of plastic turnover box is not what high-tech product, is made by injection molding, and the technical development of injection molding machine is one of the more mature at this stage, so the plastic turnover box technology content is low, the price of plastic turnover box is more transparent, mainly on the cost of plastic, but it is not the simple superposition method of raw materials, completely weihai below cheng plastic co. , LTD. Engineering department talk about plastic turnover box price and cost calculation. Plastic turnover box materials mainly include: polyethylene ( PE) ; Polypropylene ( PP) Two categories. Usually the PE plastic price is PP plastic price is high, on July 19, 2016, is expected to today's PP wiredrawing mainstream prices in 7850 - north China market 7950 yuan/ton, the east China market in 8100 - PP wiredrawing mainstream prices 8250 yuan/ton, the south China market in 8100 - PP wiredrawing mainstream prices 8200 yuan/ton. The domestic market or PE is expected to continue to weaken, LLDPE price in 8850 - the mainstream 9350 yuan/ton. The price of plastic turnover box not to area computation, main computing or on the weight, the same material, in general, the heavier the more expensive. Two kinds of different periods the cost of raw materials will have differences, in certain time difference greatly. Especially in some international events, raw material price fluctuation in the special big, such as the south China sea events, like to fight, is bound to affect the price of raw materials. For this kind of fluctuation, industry there are different reactions, leading enterprises generally have no obvious difference, the price will not soar don't plunge, there will be a small adjustment, but small manufacturer daily price and cut corners for a person, often in this kind of fluctuation opportunistic, with benefit, for an ordinary consumer is simply cannot grasp the changing the state of the industry, although some inquiry, purchasing workers seemed very adept said in the speech, often inadvertently exposed as information block, it is easy to be fooled by the price of some surface, here, my suggestion is if you're not really on the ball, just remember: pick good word-of-mouth product purchase, well-known brands to buy. The reason is very simple, as long as you are as a member of the company knows that an enterprise to form a certain scale, especially to make industry leader is not so easy thing, must have its advantages, and comprehensive strength is sure to get by, said the point, must be guaranteed quality, price has its value. Raw material, is a major of plastic pallet manufacturers, is also a regular customer of the upcoming understand short time, as long as it is raw material use, quality of raw material itself, the concrete raw material manufacturers, specific brand production technology, mainly is the requirement of mould, whether for precision degree is high, the mould cost is high market optional degree, whether it is normal product market, whether to have more suppliers can provide the product brand, specific to the value of the brand in the industry is, whether mature production technology, sophisticated, product performance is stable, the credibility of the manufacturers, the product after-sales service value.
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