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by:Qusheng     2020-11-03
Because in the practical use, according to different purposes, some pallets are other varieties are difficult to replace. Such as carrying heavy items, steel tray has its irreplaceability. But overall, plastic tray, plastic wood composite and paper will be a promising product, and among them the most for plastic tray.

Plastic collapsible crateaccording to application and industry classification: export plastic tray, transport plastic tray, moisture-proof plastic pad, moisture-proof plastic pallet, plastic pallet, forklift shelves plastic tray, plastic tray, plastic tray, food beer plastic tray, beverage plastic tray, chemical plastic tray, plastic tray, tobacco machinery, plastic tray, electronic plastic tray, plastic tray, salt industry stacking plastic tray, transport standard plastic tray, port plastic pallet, plastic pallet container, etc.

Plastic collapsible crateaccording to use classification are:

1. Shelf type plastic tray

2. Standard plastic tray

3. Light plastic tray

Plastic collapsible crateaccording to the shape classification are:

1. Type double use plastic tray: flat type double-sided plastic tray; Grid type double-sided plastic tray

2. Single use plastic tray: flat nine foot type plastic tray; Grid nine foot type plastic tray

flat field type plastic tray; The grid field type plastic tray

tablet sichuan type plastic tray; Grid sichuan type plastic tray

3. Light plastic tray ( Suitable for products export packing a one-time export packing or lighter load of the use of products) 。 Products are divided into grid type and flat.

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