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Analysis of several characteristics of plastic pallets by logistics turnover box manufacturers

by:Qusheng     2021-03-02
Logistics turnover box manufacturers analyze several major characteristics of plastic pallets. Plastic pallets are widely used in the logistics industry. They have many characteristics, mainly in durability, reliability, hygiene, global trends, specificity, insurance, residual value, and environmental protection. 1. Reliability: The reliability of the plastic pallet structure greatly reduces the damage and consumption of the pallet, as well as the damage to the material on the pallet due to the damage of the pallet. The plastic pallet is lighter than the same wooden pallet, so it reduces the weight of transportation and cost. 2. Durability: about 10 times longer than the life of wooden pallets. 3. Hygiene: Plastic pallets can be cleaned and reused. The USDA is promoting companies to use plastic pallets to carry products. And now the US Environmental Protection Agency also realizes that plastic pallets should be the first choice of the US Department of Energy and the US Department of Defense. 4. Global trend: Fumigation and inspection-free products of plastic pallets can be directly exported to Europe, America and other countries. As the requirements for production conditions, storage conditions, process control, and quality management continue to increase, plastic pallets begin to appear and quickly occupy a place due to the insurmountable limitations of wooden pallets in sanitary conditions and standardized production. Plastic pallets must be used for the transportation of all exported food, beverages and medicines. 5. Specificity: Plastic pallets will become more and more popular in the special commodity market, such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Plastic pallets can be made into various colors according to the requirements of different factories, plus corresponding The company logo and mark are easy to manage in 5S. 6. Insurance: Due to the damage resistance of plastic pallets, workers’ compensation claims are reduced accordingly, and the reduction in the use of wood in the factory is equal to the reduction in fire insurance premiums. 7. Environmental protection: Plastic pallets are environmentally friendly products because they can all be recycled and reused, which greatly reduces waste and disposal costs. The use of plastic pallets can prevent the loss of thousands of acres of forest every year.
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