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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
Plastic pallet as an important container equipment, as well as the basic standard of unit, used jointly with containers, shelves, forklifts, constitute effective handling system, the loading and unloading mechanization level increased significantly, can solve or improve in the process of handling loading and unloading of bottleneck restrictions for a long time. Now, plastic pallet unitization work everywhere, the whole logistics activity, plastic pallet plays a huge role.

the advantages of plastic tray ( 1) With Plastic collapsible cratefor the transportation unit, less quantity of cargo, volume change, each Plastic collapsible crateon the equal amount of easy points, tally, reduce s cargo damage;
( 2) Handling or out of the library can be mechanical operation, reduce the goods stacking work times, is conducive to improve the efficiency of transporting box, shorten the delivery time, reduce labor intensity;
( 3) Benefits, less investment, fast.
the disadvantage of plastic tray
( 1) Occupy a certain space, especially long-distance transportation, will lose a certain goods loading space;
( 2) Protective worse than container, difficulties in open air, need to have a warehouse and other supporting facilities;
( 3) Need to purchase expenses for non-enterprise inner workings, generally need to return.
plastic tray is to facilitate the cargo handling, transportation, warehousing and distribution and use by can seat, if the item number of load and port of loading and unloading of forklift with plate. It is the most basic logistics equipment, by the image of the logistics industry as the ground of the 'mobile', 'goods'. as the carrier, the goods to transition from static to dynamic, cooperate with forklift use can greatly improve the efficiency of handling; Used with shelves, can greatly increase the warehouse utilization; alignment. Can greatly reduce the cost.

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