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Analysis on the way of transport packaging for closed turnover box manufacturers

by:Qusheng     2021-03-06
Closed turnover box manufacturers analyze the way of transportation and packaging. Abstract: There are many ways and shapes of transportation and packaging, the materials and textures are different, and the degree of packaging is also different, which causes the diversity of transportation packaging. There are various transportation packaging methods and shapes, different materials and textures, and different packaging levels. This leads to the following diversity of transportation packaging:    (1) According to the packaging method, it can be divided into single-piece transportation packaging and collective transportation package. The former refers to the packaging of goods as a piece-counting unit during transportation; the latter refers to the combination of several single-piece transportation packages into a large package to protect the goods more effectively, improve loading and unloading efficiency, and save transportation costs. In international trade, common collective transportation packages include FIBCs and FIBCs.   (2) According to different packaging types, it can be divided into different shapes of bags, barrels and bundles.   (3) According to different packaging materials, it can be divided into paper packaging, metal packaging, wooden packaging, plastic packaging, hemp product packaging, bamboo, willow, straw product packaging, glass product packaging and ceramic packaging.   (4) According to the packaging texture, there are flexible packaging, semi-rigid packaging and rigid packaging. Which one to use depends on the characteristics of the product.  (5) According to the degree of packaging, it can be divided into full packaging and partial packaging.     In international trade, what kind of transport packaging the buyer and seller use should be specified in the contract.
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