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And double grid tray life related factors have?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
And double grid tray associated life what do you know? Small make up then make a brief introduction for you.

in terms of life, we can really understand from the following several aspects to the service life of double grid tray:

one, you buy double tray of the grid environment is very important. If the same product in different environments, its service life will be different. For example, indoor or outdoor use; Bags or boxes of goods; Manual or automatic loading and unloading car unloading system, etc.

2, double-sided mesh pallet load according to your requirements to choose the appropriate models. Such as: exports or long-term turnover; The ground or high shelves turnover; Plastic pallet without pile up;

3, the use of double-sided mesh pallet staff training is also very important. After all, the company's fixed assets is pallet, so we should be careful to use plastic double grid tray.

after reaching the above conditions, the use of the environment and according to your requirements, choose the appropriate products, the service life of new materials double-sided grid tray is about 8 years, ordinary double grid tray also can use 3 - For five years.

the above content by double grid tray small make up finishing, this paper views do not represent the views.
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