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Application and development trend of plastic hollow board in the industrial field

by:Qusheng     2021-06-09

Application and development trend of plastic hollow board in the industrial field

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, packaging industry and the entire industry, plastic hollow board products are becoming more diverse, diversified, specialized, and large With the development of industrialization, products have penetrated into many fields such as automobiles, chemicals, food, logistics, agriculture, fisheries, sports venues, and military.

The application of hollow board products in different industrial fields mainly has the following six development trends:

1. Tray for logistics

Tray is an indispensable consumable in modern logistics industry in the process of warehousing and transportation. Among these trays, hollow blow-molded trays have better strength and longevity. It can be seen that the hollow blow molding tray has great market potential.

2. Application in the automobile industry

Due to the improvement of technology, the proportion of plastics used in automobiles in my country will gradually increase. Among automobile plastics, PE accounts for about 7%, and its main use is various storage tanks such as automobile fuel tanks, vent pipes, baffles and water tanks produced by blow molding.

3. IBC packaging barrels

In recent years, IBC packaging barrels have grown rapidly abroad. IBC barrels have the advantages of saving more than 30% of transportation space, low transportation cost, and convenient lifting. In recent years, they have also developed rapidly in China. This product mainly competes in the market of 10L-20L chemical barrels.

4. Plastic beer bottles

Glass beer bottles have good barrier properties, but they are fragile, explosive and easy to break. There are already manufacturers in China that have started production, which will be a huge market.

5. Large-scale industrial parts

Domestic hollow tabletops, medical bed boards, military pontoons, stadium seats, etc. are developing rapidly in the East and South China markets, and are expanding to hollow board products. New territory.

6. Chemical packaging barrels still have a stable market.

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