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Application of plastic hollow board in greenhouse

by:Qusheng     2021-06-08

Application of plastic hollow board in greenhouse

Plastic hollow board is used in agriculture, especially in greenhouse roof. Plastic hollow board carefully protects the growth of greenhouse plants such as flowers and vegetables. .

First of all, we all know that greenhouse flowers like sunlight and are afraid of cold, and plastic hollow panels have a high light transmittance, which can provide sufficient light and heat conditions for flowers, and plastic hollow panels can also Sunlight is selective and can avoid excessive UV damage for flowers.

Secondly, in order to maintain the healthy growth of flowers and vegetables in the greenhouse, at present, most greenhouse covering materials are made of glass or other materials with low thermal insulation properties, which can easily lead to the loss of heat in the greenhouse , It is extremely unfavorable to the growth of plants, and the first hollow board on the market now has excellent thermal insulation performance, can perform a good thermal insulation effect, and create a better environment for plants.

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