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Automobile industry with plastic tray industry a variety of requirements to be fulfilled

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
is a key to the logistics seamless docking basic equipment. Assuming no plastic pallet, more consumption of several times, more time and labor force. More major is, in the logistics system of dispute disposal of shit individual target shape, size, disambiguation, just put the creature to return to the appearance model is consistent with certain volume of stuff unit, is probably the end of the machine, active, really reach the intention of the land capital, forward power. Auto parts industry use plastic tray higher quality requirements, to meet various needs.

auto parts industry special plastic tray need to satisfy the following requirements:

1. Longitudinal force: instant of longitudinal force can prevent pallets of goods in scattered by the lift of the truck.

  2. Bending: plastic tray after being on the shelves, the bending will gradually increase, the bending in the automatic warehouse cannot exceed 10 mm.

  3. The impact resistance and durability.

  4. Usability: light weight, simple operation, forklift truck is easy to enter, stable size.

  5. 。 Dynamic load: use a forklift can raise the maximum allowable weight; Static load: in the pallet, the bottom tray can withstand maximum weight; Overhead load: put the pallet packing of the goods on the shelf when the maximum weight allowed. The load quantity is different with shelves, temperature and storage period is closely related.

  6. Health: do not decay, and do not absorb moisture, easy to wash, easy to dry, no insects and bacteria.

  7. Security: light weight, no nails, bumps.
  8. Long service life and can be reused.

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