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Biodegradable plastic tray into the future development trend

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
With the development of social economy and people life quality rise, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the green environmental protection, 'green' become the inevitable trend in the development of social environment. Although big plastic products such as Plastic collapsible cratecan be recycling effect, but small plastic products is one of the main sources of environment, in the future, biodegradable plastic pallets and other plastic packaging products in easing the problem. Analysts pointed out that our country including in the production of plastic tray plastic packaging products more than 60000 enterprises, but most produce plastic pallets and other plastic products of degradation. This caused a huge threat to the environment. Compared with ordinary plastic tray, biodegradable plastic pallet high strength, good toughness, biodegradable, nontoxic, but the cost is relatively high, is ordinary Plastic collapsible crate1. 5 - Three times. Along with our country the implementation of the plastic limit, and the garbage classification speed, driving, rapid increase in the amount of biodegradable shopping bags, garbage bags. Although biodegradable plastics after years of research and development, have achieved satisfactory results, but there are still processing is difficult, the price is high, the technological formula and other technical problems remain to be further improved. So to speed up the application research and development and industrialization, strengthening products processing and development research, improve the waste recycling system, promote the biodegradable plastics recycling process and speed up formulating relevant policies and regulations become the focus of the biodegradable plastics industry development. At present, the global markets such as plastic film and one-time daily-use Plastic collapsible cratedemand of about 30 million tons, and global productivity only 800000 tons of biodegradable plastic, far cannot satisfy the market demand. And the European Union banned the use of traditional plastic tray, and the publicity of biodegradable materials, bring new opportunities for the development of biodegradable plastics, thereby promoting biodegradable plastic tray WWW. cnpalletbox。 Com the rapid development of the industry. According to champ consulting released '2011 China plastic pallet industry analysis research report shows that at present, the scale of biodegradable materials in our country has entered into the eve of the industrialization, along with the relevant policies promulgated, the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, will promote the rapid development of the industry as a biodegradable plastic tray.
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