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Blow molding tray and what people have?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
Now, where the user enterprise in the choose and buy when the tray will be limited on blow molding plastic tray. Blow molding tray, then, has become the mainstream of the market, instead of traditional wooden tray than traditional wooden pallets, and blow molding tray which has the edge? Here we come together to know each other.

1, the use of low cost, and can realize blow molding tray smooth appearance, the enrollment reform layout planning and take special blow molding essentials can raise the stiffness and strength of blow molding plastic tray, thereby improving the use of environment comply with the performance and using life; Using low cost can be greatly.

2, blow molding tray can common mechanical and manual hydraulic forklift handling forklift to use, there are mechanical and manual hydraulic forklift handling forklift general fork, complete the flow of goods, handling, stacking, product can use mechanical forklift in unconditional garden land use and environment.

3, blow molding Plastic collapsible crateis not conductive, no combustion, prevent slippery, no burr, flash, static, no other funding links, to ensure the goods and the silence of the operators.

4, environmental protection performance is good, blow molding Plastic collapsible crateavirulent insipidity, easy to wash disinfection, no erosion, resistant to acid and alkali salt of corruption, waste tray recoverable figure to use at the same time, meet environmental requirements.

5, blow molding tray products choose high molecular weight high density polyethylene resin, rapid molding process, enrichment; Full, molding, products by extrusion blow molding, internal quality and stable performance.

6, blow molding tray product modeling novel, strange appearance for groove planning, skid resistance, good layout planning is reasonable, no leftover bits of material.

the article by blow molding tray, this view does not represent the views.
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