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Blow molding tray common two forming modes?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-15
Blow molding tray common two forming modes? Blow molding tray with its anti-corrosion, moisture proof, rust prevention, bug eat by moth, mildew resistance characteristics in food and pharmaceutical industries and demand. In addition, blow molding tray of high performance and long service life, etc, in chemical industry, textile, manufacturing, and other fields has been widely used. Then blow molding tray in production, plastic pallet manufacturers have what kind of forming method? The first: injection molding in. Injection molding in the production of blow molding tray products smooth, bright and clean, crisp, dense, product design degrees of freedom is bigger, can be divided into double integral blow molding tray and double packaged blow molding tray. The second: extrusion - hollow blow molding in the. The extrusion blow molding tray - hollow blow molding and blow molding hollow products in general, because of its product is bigger, and the double type, need large extrusion machine, molding machine and mold, etc. At present domestic hollow molding machine manufacturers have developed specialized high-speed production of high strength mega blow molding machines, blow molding tray HMWHDPE high strength plastic production, molding speed, good product quality, high strength, high stiffness, very long service life, general blow molding tray service life can reach 5 ~ 10 years, can be in - at the same time 40 ~ 40 ℃ under the environment of stable job. The dynamic load of their products can reach above 3 t, bending strength achieves a higher level. In general, blow molding tray is some need long life, high strength using the environment of choice for tray, now the prices higher than other plastic pallet, plastic pallet manufacturers for its service life is long, so it's cost performance is the highest of all pallets.
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