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Blow molding tray is the container industry practical products

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
Blow molding tray is the container industry practical products. Improve the logistics industry, use convenience, promoted the damp environment prevention, reduce the loss of the goods, ensure the safety of use.

in the nature of a wet prevention

in the current social environment, what are the characteristics of use: blow molding tray

blow molding tray on many occasions to have very strong use value. With the traditional wooden pallet, steel pallet, plastic pallet, etc, compared to blow molding tray has the strongest modern use characteristic, effectively prevent the corrosion.

will have more advantages in terms of corrosion resistance.

the service life of the blow molding tray has a strong ability to display

we will have more advantages in the use of blow molding tray, the more scenes will have a very good practice, and assembly is often encountered in the logistics industry, we are convenient to spread information, the safety of the goods life, blow molding tray can have better effect.

hollow blow molding tray overall shape, large carrying capacity, better than injection molding tray weatherability. The service life of them is about 1 times the plastic tray. Especially suitable for railway yard, petrochemical industry, feed industry, packaged products, irregular shapes and particularly harsh environment such as heavy piling work and loading of the cargo. It can also be used in the hot summer and cold winter. Blowing Plastic collapsible crateused in chemical industry, dynamic load of
- 2 Static load can reach 8 tons, 3 tons, especially the low temperature resistance of blown plastic tray special is superior, is much better than the plastic tray.
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