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Blow molding tray of the three major advantages, you know?

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
Blow molding tray of the three major advantages, you know? In the tray, there are many types of products, such as plastic tray, blow molding pallet, steel pallet, wood pallet, etc. , the performance of different tray is different, the scope of use is different also. Among them, the blow molding tray because its material is better, so the plastic pallet manufacturers using life is longer. One, is mainly used in high density low pressure polyethylene blow molding tray produced material is very good, it can be used in low pressure environment. And if it is made of pure raw material to produce plastic tray, can use under environment of thirty degrees below zero. For the moment, high strength blow molding tray are made of special plastic blow molding, which reached 3. 4 million left and right sides, the molecular weight of the blow molding tray temperature have a strong adaptability to the environment, can not be restricted by temperature. 2, the temperature of the blow molding tray using range is wide, it is enterprise, now the environment of some high strength when using the tray will be preferred blow molding tray, although this tray Plastic collapsible cratemanufacturer of raw material cost is higher, but its service life is long, can use almost five to ten years, so, it seems, actually its cost is relatively low. 。 Three, blow molding tray are generally heavier than other injection molding Plastic collapsible crateof relative carrying capacity is stronger, so the plastic pallet manufacturers of the same goods storage, when using a longer service life of the blow molding tray.
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