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Briefly analyze the classification of plastics and analyze the materials used to make plastic crates. Plastic basket_suzhou plastic crates

by:Qusheng     2021-03-01
Before Ms. Wen shared the classification of new plastics, today we will continue to analyze thermoplastic materials and thermosetting plastics. Although these two materials are only one word apart, the differences are far apart. Thermoplastics are plastics that soften and flow when heated, harden after cooling, and soften and flow when heated. Most of the plastics we see and use in our daily lives belong to this category, such as plastic trash cans, plastic baskets for washing vegetables, etc. Therefore, this kind of plastic can be recycled and reused. Therefore, injection molds often use this kind of plastic molding products. The plastic crates produced by Miss Wen's Qusheng plastic box is made of thermoplastic through this process. The plastic material PP and PE raw materials are heated and softened to a liquid state by a professional thermoplastic machine after proportioning and color matching, and then passed to the injection mold and cooled and hardened. The products are the plastic turnover boxes of the manufacturers on the market. In addition to the thermoplastic plastics described above, there is also a thermosetting material. That is to say, it can soften and flow when heated once, and when heated to a certain temperature, a chemical reaction-cross-linked solidification and hardening occurs. This change is almost irreversible. After that, it can no longer become soft and flow when heated again. Thermosetting plastics are mostly used in products or harsh environments that require heat insulation, wear resistance, insulation, and high voltage resistance, such as black handles on woks and plastic parts on high and low voltage electrical appliances. Since thermoset materials are not within the scope of Miss Wen's company, Miss Wen does not know much, so the analysis of thermoplastic materials and thermoset materials is here today.
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