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Buy hollow board to find Juyuan

by:Qusheng     2021-06-09

There are currently dozens or hundreds of hollow board companies in the Pearl River Delta. Many companies keep prices low for the sake of business volume. As the saying goes, business that is not profitable is a speculative business. This situation has caused a lot of product quality problems, and many customers are often wrong when choosing hollow board companies. Caused a lot of inconvenience. So Guangzhou Qusheng Plastics is a formal hollow board enterprise. Has a good reputation in the industry. Let's talk about why we choose Qusheng when looking for a hollow board?

1. 2 hollow board drawing lines, with an annual output of 2,000 tons of boards and 600,000 turnover boxes.

2. Strictly implement ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification standards.

3. Factory direct sales, eliminating the need for intermediate links, hollow board drawing line. Eliminate the middleman link.

4. Environmental protection advantages. The raw materials have third-party environmental protection qualification certificates, and the finished products will be provided with ROHS inspection certificates in the future, and they will be recycled and used many times.

5. Advantages of after-sales service. Free proofing, free door-to-door measurement, free design plan, and trade-in, quality problems can be returned or replaced.

Qusheng Plastics is a professional manufacturer of PP hollow board with perfect infrastructure and strong technical force. It provides customers with cost-effective and sophisticated products to create a green, environmentally friendly and healthy development environment. , Make the world more environmentally friendly, and make packaging more economical!

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