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Changes in temperature of plastic tray reflects the real economy

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
With the implement of logistics standardization, plastic tray in the product circulation, storage, consolidation, loading and unloading, storage and so on each link plays a more and more important role. Using range has been in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, beverages entity industry extending continuously. There are various factors affecting the real economy, our macroeconomic regulation and control, environmental cleanup, etc factors aside, just working backward from the plastic pallet industry production, sales of the real economy and changes in temperature.

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someone pessimistic that 2017 is a year, forcing the boss has also been optimistic that 2017 is a good time to China's real economy bottomed out. And see how we from plastic pallet as breach, interpretation of the real economy, changes in temperature.
such as resistance to low temperature in 2017 stereo library special plastic tray inquiry and increased sales, a lot of people don't understand. But at least from this certainly is a wide range of new domestic ordinary refrigerator and modern automatic library. The reason we can be explained from the national policy. In 2016 the ministry of agriculture of side-line and fishery industries new refrigerator can declare less with more than hundreds of thousands of subsidies, especially technology, energy-saving refrigerator, so in 2017 are built around a lot of cold storage. So the refrigeration industry 2017 is warm.

overall demand for food, pharmaceutical industries plastic tray in 2017 than in previous years a substantial growth. The believe that need not explain, along with the national policy level zero tolerance policy on food safety, drug safety, traditional wooden pallets by reason of existence mildewy become wet, abandoned by many pharmaceutical industry, the surge in demand for plastic tray. In some antibiotic medicine in shandong bibcock, added in 2017 alone more than sixty thousand piece of plastic tray, including more than thirty thousand piece of three-dimensional library dedicated tray, investment from the aspects of automated storage alone close to more than six thousand.

warm and cold, and since the end of 2106 the chemical industry's demand for disposable plastic tray is overall decline significantly. Have a professional purchasing managers complain to the chemical industry, industry competition is intense, the national environmental policy tightening, in addition to the individual item tons of profits in the level of one thousand yuan, tend to retain only conventional export chemicals a ton of net profit in one hundred yuan level. Ask such objective conditions, how many companies willing to part with or use every one ton of export goods is a waste of a one hundred yuan of the tray. In contrast, although wooden pallets need some red tape, but the price is higher, the better.

has said that no bad enterprise industry is only a little, but in the extrusion of electricity, land economy, the pace of the real economy is slightly heavy, how close to the policy guidance, constant transformation and upgrading is the real economy is faced with an important decision. Advance corresponding, form a complete set of plastic tray, we do more to study customer demand oriented, better and more professional in front of the thought of customer, want to go to customer in the heart.

the future of the road is very long, no matter in front of the changes in temperature, Qusheng plastic grow together with you all the time, forward hand in hand. We are bullish on China's manufacturing sector, we believe that China's real economy will bounce back a long way.
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