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Choose The Best Stackable Shelf Bins

Choose The Best Stackable Shelf Bins


We at Shanghai Qusheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd continue our determination to helping companies work at their highest level, with that being said it is the reason why we are so invested on our plastic storage shelf bins. Ranging from the small to big sizes to accommodate and simplify your storage.


It does not matter what industry you are in. Our plastic shelf bins are suitable for auto industry, warehousing, office document storage among the long list other use that best suits our heavy duty shelf bins.


They come in different color including the transparent should there be a need of wanting to see your goods stored in these without having to label the shelf bins. This brings us to our favorite feature of these shelf bins, that in the front of the bin they have a label holder for you to personalize your storage helping you to remember what is it that is stored in each an every shelf bin in your warehouse or storage room.


Stacking or simple stackable shelf bins will help you stack them on top of the other without needing the rack for them. Will I be able to take out what is inside when these shelf bins are stacked, so you ask? Yes, our shelf bin front part height is half the back height of the shelf bin making it easy for an individual to fit in the hand.


Nesting shelf bins are know for their space saving design as they can save you 75% of space when not used all you have to do is turn the shelf bin180 degrees so that it nest right into the other. These shelf bins can also come with dividers, should you wish to divide and store different products in one shelf bin. Our shelf bins can be used in shelf cabinets, hang rails or hang panels. Blue, Red and Yellow are the most famous colors but that does not stop us giving our clients the freedom to customize the color of the shelf bins they want for quite a reasonable MOQ.

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