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Choosing a plastic pallet size should pay attention to what is?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
Choosing a plastic pallet size should pay attention to what is? The specifications of the plastic tray and size is an important standard logistics unitization. and storage shelves, handling of the product, container, transportation vehicles, unloading platform and handling facilities has a direct relationship. So you know when selecting plastic pallet size plastic pallet manufacturers should pay attention to what is? Choosing plastic pallet size should pay attention to the factors as follows: 1, want to consider the size of transport and transport equipment, the right tray size should comply with the size of the transport, plastic pallet manufacturers can make full use of the space transportation, improve the cubed out, reduce transportation costs. 2, want to consider the packing specification of pallet loading of the goods: according to the pallet loading of the goods packaging specifications to choose the appropriate tray, try to maximize the use of tray surface area, control the weight of the goods carried by the height. 3, want to consider the universality of pallet size: should choose international standard pallet specifications, as much as possible to facilitate the exchange of tray and use. 4, want to consider the use of pallet size area: pallet loading goods flow directly affect the choice of the pallet size. All of us at the time of operation to choose plastic pallet, plastic pallet size we choose mainly these factors above, plastic pallet manufacturers method using the plastic tray is right we all need.
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