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Cigarette shrinkable film packaging material assurance requirements

by:Qusheng     2020-11-14
Cigarette shrink film heat shrinkable film design including design input, design output control and the design review, design verification, design validation and design improvement control. Product design control not only affects the quality of the final product, the product processing technology, cost control and so on will have considerable influence. Qualified, the reasonable design is the basis of the final efficient production of high quality products. The control process should include the following factors: according to customer requirements and regulations design input; To design output should review its compliance with the standards, the advancement of technology, economy, technology and standardization, etc. ; Design validation control, prove and conformity of the design input; Design control, the operation and verification record, prove that heat shrinkable film meet the expected requirement; Send a state authorized inspection agency for review; Design change, either external or internal change requirements, should be reviewed and licensor approval, before the implementation of changes. Regulations is the guarantee of safe production, staff personal safety and state property security, prevent the important basis of safety accidents. Environmental protection is increasingly demanding a requirement in recent years. Heat shrinkable film development and manufacturing must follow the national standard, the line mark, and after passing qualification check by inspection institution authorized by the state, shall be put into mass production and sale. If manufacturer of heat shrinkable film production line product has no national standard or standard, enterprise product standards should be established. Product standards is the product design, development, production and the basis for acceptance. Product standards in full consideration of customer requirements, rules and regulations and safety standards, on the basis of technology advanced, economic rationality and should also be considered for the protection of the environment.
the qualified raw material and the stability of the supplier is the key to guarantee the design performance, so choose excellent quality assurance ability is very important for the customer. The following note: selection of suppliers; Evaluate supplier's quality assurance system, supply ability, complaint handling and service ability; By evaluating the qualifications of suppliers directly, a small amount of trial and small batch trial, trial batch to batch delivery; Raw materials into the factory acceptance; Raw material storage; The warehouse management.

shrinkable film packaging for cigarette advantage:

cigarette shrinkable film mainly solid and protection products, used in product sales and transport.
1) Cigarette shrinkable film beautiful shape, close to the goods, so it is also called packaging, suitable for all kinds of different shape of commodity packaging;
2) Good protection, if the the inner packing of shrink packaging and hung on the outer packing of the combined transport packaging, can be better protected;
3) Good cleaning, especially in precision instruments, precision electronic components packaging;
4) Good economy;
5) Guard against theft and various food packaging large shrinkage film, avoid losing;
6) Good stability, the goods won't stagger in packaging film;
7) Good transparency, customers can directly see the contents of the goods.

of shrink film is through the foaming machine for cigarette foaming system will be fully foaming in mechanical way, foaming agent and foam slurry mixing with water, and then after a foaming machine of cast-in-place construction of the pumping system or molding, formed by the natural curing a contains a lot of new lightweight insulation fireproof material closed porosity. It belongs to the bubble insulation, can be formed in the concrete internal closed foam pore, make an concrete and heat preservation and heat insulation.

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