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Cleaning is very important for the application of plastic pallets in Jiangsu

by:Qusheng     2021-06-13

  Many users are not very familiar with the use of plastic pallets in Jiangsu, and sometimes they are even more confused in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Some users don’t even know that the pallets also need to be cleaned. If you don’t pay attention to cleaning, the pallets are too dirty. , Will cause adverse effects on use.

  How to clean Jiangsu plastic pallets? In fact, it is not as difficult or as complicated as everyone thinks. The only thing that needs attention may be not to use too sharp things or unknown chemical agents. Carry out scrubbing to avoid damage to the tray. As long as you pay attention to choosing the right method and using the right tools, you can clean the tray, and you don't need to spend too much effort in this aspect.

   As far as the cleaning work of plastic pallets in Jiangsu is concerned, generally there will be some simple dust, which can be directly connected to clean water in an open area and flushed with a water pipe. This method is relatively simple and common. If there are stains that are difficult to remove, you can choose a cleaning agent suitable for plastics, use a soft brush or cloth to wipe clean and then rinse with clean water. Blow-molded pallet manufacturers suggest that if it is a grid pallet, there are two methods, one is directly flushed with a high-pressure water gun; the other is to melt the detergent in warm water, soak the pallet for a period of time, brush off the stains with a soft brush, and then use clean water. Wash.

   When washing the tray, the cleaning effect is guaranteed without damaging the tray. When choosing a tool, you should choose a long-handled soft brush for the soft brush according to the actual use scene. The operation is more convenient and the work efficiency is higher. The pressure of the water gun can be used according to the actual situation, and the tray structure should not be damaged. The clean Jiangsu plastic pallets can be dried naturally without sun exposure. Plastic pallets are relatively moisture-resistant. I hope these guides for cleaning trays can help you, so that your trays will be cleaner and last longer.

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