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Cleaning the hollow board to extend the service life

by:Qusheng     2021-06-06

Cleaning the hollow board to extend the service life

The cleaning of the hollow board turnover box is very important. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of the turnover box and ensure the safety and hygiene of the product. Today we will talk about how to clean the hollow board turnover box.

1. Send the to-be-cleaned turnover box into the container cleaning room, and then dip the rag into the cleaning agent to clean the handles, corners and bottom of the hollow board box. Smudge.

2. Dip the rag into the detergent, and clean the flat part of the hollow board in the order from the inside to the outside and from the top to the bottom. It must be clean and free of stains.

3. Clean the hollow crate three times with water, immerse the turnover box in water, about 3 cm, then wipe it with a rag, and then place it in the container cleaning room for natural drying.

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