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Closed turnover box manufacturers analyze the details of the use of plastic pallets in three-dimensional warehouses

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
Closed turnover box manufacturers analyze the details of the use of plastic pallets in the three-dimensional warehouse. With the development of society and the improvement of science and technology, the management mode of plastic pallets in the storage center is also constantly changing. The rapid development of equipment and information technology has brought about new changes in the warehousing industry and has given birth to new changes in the field of intelligent warehousing. In the entire warehouse tray management activities, people have not stopped making new explorations in the use of limited space to increase utilization, speed up the efficiency of goods in and out of the warehouse, and reduce manpower operations. From the initial level stacking to the current three-dimensional space storage; from manual operation to today's mechanical automation operation; from the original manual counting data processing to the current barcode technology data management and information system application; from the past, plastic pallets were manually performed From loading and unloading to the current automated technology sorting out of the warehouse, these have had a profound impact on warehouse management activities. The emergence of modern intelligent warehouse management models, the rationalization of job settings, the professionalization of staff, the automation of mechanical operations, the informatization of data processing, and the modernization of warehousing models have all set higher standards. The development of China's storage plastic pallet industry is lagging behind. Compared with Western developed countries, there is still a big gap. The level of mechanical automation and information technology is not high. At present, the status quo of China's warehousing is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the layout is unreasonable and the storage utilization rate is low. According to incomplete statistics, the average utilization rate of warehouse area in China is less than 40%. Plastic pallets in some logistics warehouses are idle for a long time. , And some storage centers have to continue to invest in the construction of various logistics warehouses due to large quantities and insufficient use. The demand and supply do not match, which leads to the waste and low utilization of warehouse resources; in addition, the layout of the storage centers is not Reasonable, without detailed planning, makes the pallet management cost too high for storage. The existing warehousing functions are relatively single and cannot meet the requirements of current economic development. According to a survey, many domestic warehouses are flat warehouses, whose function is simple storage of goods. In addition, the current market competition is fierce, and price wars are in place. It is inevitable that many warehousing companies are not profitable or even at a loss. The plastic pallets in the warehouse are obsolete, and the degree of mechanization, automation, and informationization is low. In many domestic warehousing operations, manual operations are mainly performed; due to the large amount of tasks, the work efficiency is relatively low. In some storage processes, the equipment is outdated and has not been updated. In addition to the low level of mechanization and automation, the turnover efficiency of the goods in the storage process is not high, the storage time of the goods in the storage area is too long, improper storage, resulting in damage to the goods. Increased storage costs. In addition, the level of digital information processing is not high, and the error rate of manual warehousing operations using plastic pallets is high, which reduces the efficiency of warehoused goods in and out. Some economically developed western countries in foreign countries started earlier than us in warehousing management, and the development of modern logistics warehousing is more advanced. These developed countries rely on advanced mechanical automation technology, computer technology and artificial intelligence technology to realize the automation and intelligence of warehousing operations, and intelligent warehousing is the current development trend of warehousing management. Foreign warehouses are basically three-dimensional high-rise warehouses, which increases the space utilization rate and can store more items. Secondly, foreign warehousing and logistics centers have applied advanced mechanical automation equipment and intelligent warehousing management systems to realize the automatic processing of goods storage and reduce manual operations. Thirdly, plastic pallets used in foreign warehousing have many functions, and realize comprehensive operations such as storage, circulation processing, sorting, packaging, and distribution of items, which improves the level of logistics warehousing management, increases the benefits of enterprises, and reduces logistics costs. . Intelligent warehousing, as a trend in the development of logistics warehousing today, has received attention in all walks of life in our country, especially in my country’s power industry special plastic pallets, especially in the planning and construction of power metering centers. During the second five-year plan period, my country is about to make important reforms in the power industry, developing smart grids and constructing UHV transmission lines. The original outdated warehouse management model can no longer meet the needs of current development. The intelligent storage construction of the power metering center has become an indispensable part in the development of my country's power industry. The power metering center is exploring the application of intelligent storage for my country's development of intelligent plastic pallet storage.
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