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Cnpalletbox plastic introduced advanced production equipment

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
Cnpalletbox plastic introduced advanced production equipment, Shandong zouping cnpalletbox plastic co. , LTD. )

cnpalletbox plastic with large injection molding machine and a variety of plastic pallet mould, has a production and processing technology can be in accordance with the requirements of customer orders according to time limit, according to quality standards for production and processing Plastic collapsible crateproducts.

plastic pallet manufacturers introduce large-scale domestic leading Haitian injection molding machine 3 sets

the role of injection molding machine injection system is, in a loop of the plastic injection machine, can within the prescribed period of time after a certain number of plastic heating plasticizing, under certain pressure and velocity, through the screw in the molten plastic injection mold cavity. After the injection, the injection into the cavity of the molten material remain finalize the design.
injection molding machine clamping system function: the function of clamping system is closed, open and ejection products moulds. Closed at the same time, in the mold, the supply mould clamping force, enough to resist the molten plastic into the cavity, the cavity pressure produced by the prevent slotted mould, products of the bad situation.
the role of the hydraulic drive system is to implement all the requirements of injection molding machine according to process the action, and meet the injection molding machine parts required for the requirement of pressure, velocity, temperature, etc. It is mainly composed of each kind of hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, which is a dynamic source of injection molding machine oil pump and motor. All kinds of valve control oil pressure and flow, thus satisfying the requirements injection molding process.

cnpalletbox plastic pallet manufacturers have shenda small and medium-sized injection molding machine 6 sets, plastic trays, plastic plate, turnover box, revolving basket, all kinds of processing business.

blow molding division existing all kinds of machinery and equipment more than 10 sets, of which 8 sets of heat shrinkable film machine of domestic leading three layer 3 sets for the extrusion unit, printing machine 2 sets, the main production of PE heat shrinkable film, PE film Bag) Packing plastic sheeting, annual production capacity of up to 5000 tons.
heat shrinkable film machine is a new type of any combination of automatic laminated film sealing heat shrinkable film packaging machine, is a set of membrane sealing heat shrinkable packaging machinery. There is a feeding bracket, feeding bracket upper installed on the conveyor belt and conveyor belt; The front end of the feeder frame connected with laminated feed bracket, laminated feeding bracket front-end for set of membrane sealing and cutting machine structure; Laminated feeding bracket near the upper and lower conveyer belt sets platform, platform has a flip top two sides blade, lift the top of the workbench with flip start motor, laminated feeding bracket in the middle for laminated workbench; Laminated feeding bracket on the upper side of the installation have to count switch conveyor belt, laminated top near the upper and lower conveyer belt feeding stents also sets have been packing bullet-proof device. At work, according to the amount of packaging for input, packaging can be from one item to one hundred pieces, and even more any packing of the goods.

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