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Cnpalletbox plastic product after-sales service

by:Qusheng     2020-11-15
Mode, the company to provide after-sales service
consulting services: users in use process have any problems, all can contact telephone: 15054356967 consultation or login cnpalletbox. Com/query.
replacement service: replacement period of products, if there is the quality problem caused by the manufacturer, the user can change new free in our company, Appearance is damaged, make the warranty processing) 。
the warranty service, warranty of products, if quality problems, users can enjoy the warranty service to local operations center; Local after-sale service center, users can contact operations center to the nearest processing.
maintenance services: maintenance period of products, if quality problems, the user can go to the local service center or your contact office services.
2, users since the acquisition date, under normal use product if quality problems:
the product warranty period is one year, except the artificial damage, the bad one in one within three years.
1. Acquisition will be subject to purchase invoice date ( No purchase invoice on the date the arrival of the goods) 。
  2. Human factors, irresistible factors such as my company assumes no obligation to provide after-sales service.
  3. Quality problems do not include personal subjective objection of material, production, etc.
  4. Replacement or warranty service is limited to the use of the general effective: all the artificial damage, Such as user irregularities, not according to the instructions in accordance with the manufacturer, etc. ) , due to transportation and other accidental damage, natural disasters and other force majeure, such as maintenance and modification of approved by the company are not in service around. )
  5. Services for the production of type of product the company only do functional repair ( Appearance may have different as the original ones)
  6. After a month my company does not undertake to replace the freight cost.

3, asked the service order please bring the original contract and invoice. Please keep the contract and invoice.

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