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Cnpalletbox plastic tray made of plastic tray factory should have the qualifications

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
A plastic tray what are the qualifications of the factory should have? Cnpalletbox plastic to explain it with you.

cnpalletbox plastic business license

shandong zouping cnpalletbox plastic co. , LTD is a professional manufacturer of plastic tray. Main production and operation of plastic plate, heat shrinkable film, PE plastic tray, stretch film, turnover box, revolving basket, and other products, products are widely used in transportation, warehousing logistics, medicine, chemical industry, drinks, electronic products, light industry, tobacco, and other fields.

shandong Plastic collapsible crateoccupational health and safety management certificate

plastic pallet manufacturers environmental management system certification certificate

cnpalletbox plastic quality management system certification

plastic tray plastic tray factory plastic pallet manufacturers cnpalletbox. com
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