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Common questions and answers about plastic pallets

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
The specific types that will be involved on the pallets and below are plastic pallets, and it is also one of the important products and main keywords in the website, so you can’t be stubborn in learning attitude, otherwise it will affect the learning effect . So, based on the above factors, we might as well follow the turnover box manufacturers immediately, so as to save everyone's learning time and improve learning efficiency. 1. Plastic pallets, if they are classified according to the surface treatment method, what can they have? And why is it the dominant material in the packaging market? Plastic pallets, if they are classified according to surface treatment methods, can be divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic pallets. In the second question, it is mainly because in the packaging industry, the use of plastic pallets can bring great convenience, so this conclusion can be reached. 2. Will the material of the plastic pallet be different for different purposes? And how to choose plastic pallets and wooden pallets? Under different uses, there will be some differences in the specific aspects of the materials used for plastic pallets. Therefore, the answer to question 1 is yes. For example, logistics and warehousing and the food industry are different in the selection of pallet materials. The selection of plastic pallets and wooden pallets is mainly based on the specific use environment and requirements. Generally speaking, the price of plastic pallets is higher than that of wooden pallets, but plastic pallets are more durable than wooden pallets. If the service life is required to be more than five years, it is better to use plastic pallets; otherwise, wooden pallets are better. 3. What are the industries that plastic pallets can be used in? Plastic pallets can be used in industries such as the logistics turnover box industry, airport freight, and station terminals. And, it can be divided into two types: injection pallets and blow molding pallets. However, because the load-bearing capacity and the number of uses of injection-molded trays are not as good as blow-molded trays, blow-molded trays are used in some occasions.
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