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Compared with traditional tray plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
Compared with traditional tray plastic tray
1) advantages of a, durability: Plastic collapsible crateabout 10 times longer than the life of hefei wooden tray. (2) the advantages of two, reliability: the reliability of the structure of plastic pallet damage consumption, greatly reducing the tray tray material damage and damage due to the tray, plastic tray light weight than the same wooden tray, so to reduce the weight of the transportation and cost. Three (3) advantage, sexual health: plastic tray can wash and reuse, the United States department of agriculture is to promote the company to use plastic tray bearing products. And now the United States environmental protection agency (epa) should also realized that the plastic pallet as the U. S. department of energy (doe) and the defense department's preferred products. Four (4) advantage, global trends: have the ec has decreed requirements by 2001, all food, beverage, medicine transportation must use plastic tray. Five (5) advantage, specificity: cnpalletbox. Com in special commodity markets will become more and more popular, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, and can according to the requirements of different factories, plastic tray made all sorts of color, and the corresponding company logo and tags. 6 6, insurance: due to the resistance to damaging plastic pallet, workers' compensation in corresponding decreases, and reduce the use of wood in the factory is equal to the reduce of fire insurance premium. 7 seven advantages, the salvage value: used Plastic collapsible cratecan be according to the original value of 30% of the sales price, because cnpalletbox. Com can be sold back to the manufacturer or other entities in order to reuse. Today advantage eight, environmental protection, plastic tray is environmental protection product, because they can be recycled and reused, greatly reduce the trash and processing costs. Nine pet-name ruby advantage, forest protection, the use of Plastic collapsible cratecan prevent the loss of hundreds of thousands of acres of forest each year.
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