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Comparison of hollow board and fiber board in glass transportation

by:Qusheng     2021-06-17

Comparison of hollow board and fiberboard in glass transportation

In the process of glass packaging and transportation, the traditional backing board uses fiberboard of general density, but there are four major defects:

1. Friction between the mouth of the glass bottle and the fiberboard will easily produce wood pellets, which will fall into the glass bottle and cause product quality problems.

2. The weight of fiberboard is heavy and it is inconvenient to unload up and down.

3. The surface is rough, easy to stain, and not easy to clean

4. The color is very monotonous, difficult to identify, and the recycling point is not clear.

The plastic hollow board just compensates for several defects of the fiberboard pair.

1. There will be no small particles during the friction process, and no quality problems will be caused.

2. The weight of the plastic hollow board is light, and it is convenient for workers to unload the goods. 3. The surface of the plastic hollow board is smooth and easy to clean.

4. The plastic hollow board can be made into different colors, which can be used in different departments for different purposes, and it is convenient to distinguish.

In general, plastic hollow board has many advantages over fiberboard in the process of glass packaging and transportation. If you want to purchase plastic hollow board, you can contact us. We are professional and can provide professional services and quality assurance.

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