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Comparison of paper pallets and hollow pallets

by:Qusheng     2021-06-06

Comparison between paper pallets and hollow pallets?

General paper pallets will have the following shortcomings due to various reasons during transportation. Let’s take the turnover of plastic bottles as an example and explain the following for everyone.

1. The plastic bottle mouth collides with the paper tray, it is very easy to produce paper scraps, and the paper scraps fall into the bottle, causing quality problems.

2. The number of turnovers of paper pallets is small, and each paper pallet has more turnovers of 2-3 times, and the packaging cost is high.

3. In rainy weather, the paper pallet is easily deformed and collapsed when wet. The packaging is prone to accidents and is extremely unsafe.

The three characteristics of the plastic hollow board pallet exactly compensate for the three defects of the paper pallet:

1. Produce paper scrap particles to ensure product quality and ensure smooth delivery.

2. It can be used many times in turnover, and the packaging cost is greatly reduced. Cleaning is also very convenient.

3. Plastic hollow board pallets are not afraid of water and can still be used in wet weather. There will be no deformation or collapse accidents.

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