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Comparison of plastic hollow board and traditional injection molding products

by:Qusheng     2021-06-09

The plastic hollow board has the advantages of shockproof, flexible design structure, and no need to open injection molds. At the same time, the board can be flexibly added with anti-static and conductive master batches through the control of raw materials to produce a plastic hollow board with conductive and anti-static functions. The surface resistivity of the anti-static board can be controlled between 103 and 1011.

PP hollow board is a kind of green environmental protection material, and it is widely used abroad. It has just started in China and gradually replaced some corrugated packaging materials. Now some domestic enterprises are also developing it as building decoration materials! PP Hollow board is also called Wantong board because of its wide application and convenient use. It is widely used in advertising background, stationery materials, industrial packaging, product shockproof, etc. Our common ones include turnover boxes, detachable combination boxes, and finished packaging boxes. And the partition in the box. Hollow panels are generally made of environmentally friendly non-polluting recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (HDPE) resin and various auxiliary materials. There is also a polycarbonate (PC) hollow panel, also known as sunshine board, glass cap Long board and PC hollow board are made of high-performance engineering plastic PC resin. They have the characteristics of high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame resistance, and anti-aging. It is a high-tech, comprehensive Extremely excellent performance, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly plastic sheet, is currently the most widely used plastic building material in the world.

1. Strengthen the quality inspection of hollow board products At present, few hollow board manufacturers have complete testing equipment. Most have not undergone strict factory inspections. Even the detection of thickness tolerance is not carried out according to the prescribed inspection method, and some even make thickness classification based on subjective judgment of eyes. A regional testing center can be set up in areas where hollow board production enterprises are concentrated to provide convenience for various factories.

2. Establish a quality restriction and supervision mechanism. Hollow boards should implement a license system like other building materials to fundamentally prevent low-quality products from entering the market.

3. It is not technically a problem to increase the turnover frequency of hollow board templates. The current product cannot meet this requirement. The key lies in changing the glue type and hot pressing parameters at will, and not producing according to the correct process conditions. The production technology of some factories has not been introduced through formal channels, and the production technicians have not undergone rigorous training. Each factory shall organize production strictly in accordance with the better production technology of hollow board.

4. Resolve the thickness tolerance of the hollow board ① Each factory strictly inspects and categorizes bamboo curtains and bamboo mats, and try to use the same thickness of bamboo curtain blanks; ② Without affecting the strength Under the premise of, insert one to several sheets of wood veneer with relatively large compression to reduce the thickness tolerance of the bamboo sheet; ③ Perform secondary processing on the hollow board, and first sand the extruded hollow board to the same thickness Re-coating; ④Machining is used to control the thickness of bamboo curtains and bamboo mats. Each production plant sets up raw material processing bases in bamboo forest production areas to support bamboo farmers to gradually use mechanical processing.

5. Surface quality solution. Each factory should produce various grades of hollow board templates according to the needs of users. If you can put a layer of wood veneer on the surface of the hollow board as a panel, you can basically eliminate the bamboo mat pattern, but try to use melamine resin coating to increase wear resistance and surface hardness, uniformity and smoothness. For the panel used in the empty plate template of the steel frame, the modified melamine resin or alcohol-soluble phenolic resin should be impregnated with paper covering film, and the number of impregnated paper may be determined by the requirements of the surface finish and flatness of the board.

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