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Container unit definition

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
'Container' is in the process of social life and production activities in order to facilitate processing scattered objects and use a method, use a container appliance retail goods return items together to form a unit, so as to carry or handling. Container is for the purpose of convenience of mobile objects, so the container equipment should receive the goods by itself and is easy to move, when carrying handling and transportation more convenient.
in the process of modern logistics, the logistics system to deal with the object of the vast majority is a general cargo, the goods of all shapes and sizes, and the nature also each are not identical, there are powder, fragile, general items such as bags. These types of small stray goods is hard to mechanical work processing, can only rely on artificial operation in handling activities, thus produce the heavy manual labor. Not only the efficiency is low, also easy in the process of handling of goods because of the fall or collision damage, especially under the condition of intensive heavy manual labor, safety accidents occur frequently, cannot guarantee personnel safety.
in order to realize mechanization and automation in logistics operations, improve the efficiency of logistics system, you must take the goods to a certain degree to the combination of superordinate into uniform operating unit. The volume and weight of the unit to have certain goods for handling machinery effectively play its ability; Goods units to normalize to help logistics mechanical functions, so as to create conditions to improve the efficiency of logistics system.
in the field of production, circulation and consumption field, a container is in the most effective materials handling as basic purpose, the number of items, packing the goods, or scattered goods appropriate combination, forming a cargo unit, to suitable for loading and unloading, storage, handling and mechanical operation. A container unit is formed by container and has a certain volume and variety, normalized to facilitate storage, handling and transportation of the goods. In logistics, container unit form throughout the whole process of the logistics system operation and plays an important role in improving the efficiency of logistics, is advantageous to the sales and distribution activities, eventually bring benefit for the user.
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