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Courage|Wisdom|Idea: The three elements of Suzhou Qusheng standard plastic turnover box manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of plastic turnover boxes

by:Qusheng     2021-03-03
On November 16, FAW Toyota A-Valon completed its debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show and officially launched pre-sales to convey the three elements of courage, wisdom and ideals. In the same way, courage|ideal|wisdom|These three elements are also the three elements that the official Qusheng turnover box manufacturer has always been personally routine. Qusheng Co., Ltd. has a history of 6 years since its establishment in 2012. During this period, Qusheng Co., Ltd. has been committed to the production of high-quality standard plastic turnover boxes. The company has 6 fully automated production lines with a daily output of about 8,000. Of course, this is far from enough, especially since Qusheng Plastic Box signed strategic cooperation agreements with Suning, JD, SF, YTO and other terminal logistics distribution agencies in 2018, the output value of 8,000 plastic boxes per day has fallen far behind. The market is in demand, especially for diagonal plastic crates and folding crates that do not take up space. Qusheng turnover box manufacturers have been adhering to the three elements of courage, wisdom and innovation, and the pursuit of ideals. They have been working hard and conscientiously at the front-line positions, just to ensure that every product delivered to customers is superior. Qusheng Co., Ltd. focuses on the development, production, manufacturing and sales of plastic boxes. The company's standard plastic crates series meet all large-scale logistics transportation and distribution needs; EU automobile series plastic boxes, HP Korean series plastic boxes, meet all kinds of automobile original parts and equipment As well as the packaging and transportation requirements of parts and components; the square plate and instrument panel plastic box series can meet the turnover and station configuration requirements of various electronic micro equipment. Qusheng Turnover Box focuses on plastic crates products manufacturers, with high quality and trustworthy. Qusheng turnover box manufacturer, smart and intelligent pursue ideals, brave to innovate and dare to work hard, worthy of trust, plastic crates choice Qusheng plastic box is right!
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