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Current problems of domestic plastic pallet, pallet industry is analysed

by:Qusheng     2020-11-11
1, use backward, and can not fully play the advantages of the tray, the tray itself is in line with efficient logistics and the birth of a unitary logistics equipment, to say the tray is modern logistics system connection points of each part. But due to the specification is not unified, in our actual use tray can used in the logistics operation in the chain circulation, only limited within the enterprise. 2, the restriction of the pallet flow way, the high cost of circulation process, can be found in the survey, the majority of enterprises of the tray is in the enterprise internal flow, thus make the enterprise products after many artificial transportation and handling, greatly reduce the work efficiency, increase the circulation cost of the product, which reduces the product competitiveness in the market. 3, difficulty in line with international norms: because the tray of the specifications of the standard not unified, make tray used in China cannot and international transportation equipment such as international container to match. Enterprises in order to adapt to the relevant international transport, have to order from pallet manufacturers are out of line with the company turnover use tray, thereby increasing the enterprise's export costs, reduced the international competitiveness of the products.
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