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Custom plastic tray we need to pay attention to what details?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-09
Custom Plastic collapsible cratewe need to pay attention to what details? The rapid development of logistics industry, make the tray of increasing demand, in order to facilitate a lot of logistics enterprises will easy to distinguish by custom plastic tray. The custom Plastic collapsible crateneed our plastic pallet manufacturers pay attention to what details? The following plastic pallet manufacturers together to get to know it. Requirements: a, color pallet industry to determine the standard color is blue, but every enterprise has its own unique corporate culture and management requirements, therefore the tray color can customize to fit your own needs. 2, size: the size of the market is the standard size of the provisions of the state, not necessarily apply to all industries. Need special size of the enterprise can communicate with manufacturers, customization. Three, weight requirements: for the same specifications of the plastic tray, bearing standard each are not identical. Generally speaking, the heavier plastic tray, the higher bearing capacity, bearing requirements are tailored according to the practical application. Four, logo requirement: enterprises can require special printing logo or use plastic pallet, plastic pallet manufacturers the specific number of printing and printing method can be made with manufacturer.
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