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Customers how to choose the more suitable for their own use plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
In recent years, along with the development of the plastic tray type more and more, that how to choose to find more suitable for you? Plastic pallet manufacturers today to introduce you to the
1, the first two big problems, respectively is plastic pallet size choice, the choice of the structure, size selection is mainly according to the load of the kind, size is not the bigger the better, can choose appropriate, tray structure choice according to use to decide what kind of forklift and using environment, such as you just single use on flat ground, load is very light, you can choose to our company's nine feet grid plastic tray, low cost, convenient use, can also be four-way fork, can use all of the forklift truck.
2, if you are on the shelf, you can choose to sichuan, tian words, double-sided plastic tray, such as structure, in addition, according to the load how many shelves can be targeted to choose whether to join the built-in pipe, the built-in steel tray, join the steel pipe should be scientific and reasonable, concrete can contact our sales staff, if your goods such as flour or fertiliser need pallet, advised to choose a field word or double grid mesh Plastic collapsible crateplastic tray, use these two suit to this scene,
3, when the pallet can be done on it is not easy to fall, and choose the right structure and dimension, and according to the specific situation to choose the appropriate model, on the premise of a plate of the same structure size, can also be subdivided into ordinary light etc, different price products, in general, the higher the price the heavier weight, carrying capacity is better, this needs according to their own usage, load intensity, frequency, and so on and so forth comprehensive judgment to choose from.
plastic tray production materials were divided into two kinds:
is a polypropylene (for short PP)
is a kind of polyethylene (for short HDPE) 。
plastic tray in industry within the scope of the species are divided into:
1. Nine feet grid plastic tray
2. Sichuan words grid plastic tray
3. Tian word grid plastic tray
4. Nine feet flat plastic tray
5. Double grid plastic tray
6. Sichuan word tablet plastic tray
7. Double-sided flat plastic tray
plastic tray in the service industry, and there is only one type of domestic for private use, is the common drink plastic tray Plastic collapsible crateand food.
the weight of the plastic tray are classified according to different types:
general plastic tray light weight only six to 10 kilograms and mostly for nine feet shape.
of medium-sized Plastic collapsible crateis generally in 10 to 20 kg weight and shape are mostly for sichuan fonts and font.
the weight of the heavy plastic tray will be in the shape of 20 kg is mostly type double.
plastic tray is used in industry because it is cheap, low cost, and particularly strong durability, heat resistant to cold corrosion resistant to radiation, and so on.

the birth of the plastic tray is designed to facilitate the transportation of goods, storage, and handling and distribution. Because plastic tray durability and stability are particularly strong, can withstand some quantity of the goods and can produce a fork socket in the shape of plate.

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