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Detailed explanation use plastic tray the note

by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
is a very common item in our life, especially in places such as warehouse, we basically everywhere he figure, so we said today, plastic tray when using the matters needing attention.

  1. Hydraulic truck and forklift in the process of use plastic pallet, pallet fork edge distance should be extended to outer plastic tray into the fork and, into the depth of the fork should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the tray.

  2. Hydraulic truck and forklift in the process of using the plastic tray, should maintain a uniform speed in a and up and down, avoid sudden brake, turn lead to tray is damaged, causing the collapse.

  3. Rack of tray, Plastic collapsible crateshall be maintained in shangdi smooth shelf beams placed, tray length should be greater than the shelf beam diameter of 50 mm and above. Cold storage medium or high strength when using the environment suitable for choose what kind of plastic tray? Plus or minus 40 ℃, not this kind of material made of polypropylene pp can't resistance to low temperature. If you need in the cold storage tray on the shelf, had better choose double tray goods not so heavy can choose fields or sichuan words tray. Other: used in low temperature environment, practice proves that the modified polypropylene can fully competent. Modified polypropylene as the high temperature of polyethylene and polypropylene incomplete product. He takes note of the toughness of the polypropylene, polyethylene of low temperature resistant, stable physical properties, resistance to abrasion resistance to fall off. Large chemical companies, such as low temperature cold storage environment generally recommended to use this kind of material.

can use low-voltage high-density polyethylene production of plastic tray, pure raw material to produce plastic tray can minus 30 ℃ low temperature tolerance. The out - - Blow a forming of high strength blow molding tray, general will adopt HMWHDPE plastic blow molding, the heavy molecular weight reached around 35 ~ 400000; This kind of plastic raw material with a temperature of strong ability to adapt to the environment, can be in - 40 ~ 40 ℃ environment stable use, is the need for high strength using the environment of choice for plastic tray, due to the high strength blow molding tray selection of plastic raw material cost is high, the processing technology difficulty is higher, the service life of the product particularly long, can reach 5 ~ 10 years. Although a purchase when the price will be higher, but the comprehensive cost is low. Need high strength when using, choose this kind of high strength blow molding plastic tray.
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