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Detailed features of anti-static turnover box

by:Qusheng     2021-02-23
Plastic foldable boxes have the following characteristics. Turnover box manufacturers remind friends who need to purchase plastic foldable boxes, please take the time to check the following content: 1. Anti-static, conductive, flame retardant, modification, mixing, surface spraying and other methods can make the plastic hollow The board has anti-static, conductive, or flame retardant properties. 2. Stable chemical properties. Plastic turnover boxes can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, and fumigation-free. Compared with cardboard and wood, it has obvious advantages. 3. The surface is smooth and beautiful, with complete colors. Due to the special molding process of the plastic turnover box, any color can be achieved through the color masterbatch, and the surface is smooth and easy to print. 4. The environmental protection effect is obvious. The plastic crates has the characteristics of non-toxic and non-polluting. It is easy to dispose of and will not pollute the environment. It can also be reused to make other plastic products. 5. Excellent impact resistance, it is not easy to be broken under heavy pressure or impact, will not leave scratches, and can be used for life. Its reasonable design and excellent quality are suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, circulation processing and other links in factory logistics. 6. Anti-folding, anti-aging, high load-bearing strength, tensile, compression, tearing, high temperature, rich colors, made into a box-type turnover box, which can be used for both turnover and finished product shipment packaging, lightweight, durable, and stackable . Shanghai Industrial Park Qusheng Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Plastics No. 1 Factory) was established in 1956. Folding turnover box manufacturer is a well-known enterprise specialized in the production of logistics packaging equipment. It has accumulated more than 60 years of plastic processing professional technical experience and has self-support import and export rights. It ranks among the forefront of China's plastic processing enterprises announced by the National Bureau of Statistics. The company has nearly 220 employees and the factory covers an area of u200bu200b20,000 square meters. The company is located in Shanghai Industrial Park.
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