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Different quality of plastic tray how to distinguish by appearance

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
The quality of the plastic tray there are good and bad, and the unqualified factor is also different, distinguish the below small make up for you.

a, the plastic tray with plastic packing appearance:

1, talcum powder, White) New materials (such as plastic packing than White) Much cheaper. After adding, can make the surface of the plastic pallet looks more bright. As the saying goes, they are fake and not normal, reduce the production cost.

2, the plastic tray is many people mistakenly believe that is a kind of new material, but the service life of the plastic tray is relatively short, it is difficult to meet the load, even worse than some recycled material plastic tray.

2, recycling, or part of recycled Plastic collapsible crateappearance:

1, the darker the color, more black spots and impurities in the part of the collection.

2, color is very dark. Black spots and impurities are recycled.

3, stamping, or tap on a crack in the corner. This material is fragile and inelastic.

3, high quality Plastic collapsible cratecharacteristics of appearance:

1, the surface of the Plastic collapsible cratewithout burrs, brush.

2, uniform color, no black spots and impurities.

3, plastic tray, brightness moderate, coordinated.

4, good toughness and elastic slightly.

5, stamping or corner when knock is no crack.

the above content of the plastic pallet small make up, this paper views do not represent the views.
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