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Discussion on the raw material formula and planning of plastic hollow board

by:Qusheng     2021-06-08

Research on the raw material formula and planning of plastic hollow board

The importance of the raw material formula of plastic hollow board

The purpose of formula description is to optimize The low-cost and high-performance of the formulation is achieved by reasonable distribution and the end of the formulation. On the basis of a reasonable formula, the quality of resins and additives is also required to be reliable. Even if there is a problem with only one material, the quality of the plastic hollow board will be affected or even unqualified.

For plastic hollow boards, the description of raw materials and formulas is related to the stability of production and the quality of the plastic hollow boards, which is one of the decisive elements of the quality of the plastic hollow boards.

The idea of u200bu200bthe plastic hollow board itself is based on the exchange of information on the hollow board. It can be foreseen that making rubber, iron, ceramics and composite materials into products similar to plastic hollow plates will also achieve the same effect.

Study on the planning of plastic hollow board

Plastic hollow board itself is a manifestation of the importance of planning description. Through reasonable planning and description, the forward strength can be achieved, the load can be dispersed uniformly, and the stress concentration can be avoided.

Equal wall thickness, arc or oblique transition everywhere is a principle that must be followed in the planning and description of plastic hollow boards, and changing the shape of the cross section is the primary method to obtain plastic hollow boards with different mechanical properties.

In terms of planning and description, many effects of hollow cardboard are worth learning. For example, as mentioned above, the finite method has been used in the study of hollow plates. This method can be used for static analysis, natural vibration analysis, marginal analysis, transient dynamics analysis, thermal stress analysis, shape optimization analysis, etc. . It can be foreseen that when this method is used in the planning and optimization of plastic hollow boards, excellent results will be produced.

Study on equipment and molds

The equipment includes ingredients, mixing equipment, extruders and auxiliary machines, and the mold includes a head and a sizing mold.

The completeness of the equipment is critical to the appearance, standard accuracy, and physical properties of the plastic corrugated board. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve to ensure that the equipment is reliable and easy to use, the situation is stable, and easy to control, and can accurately and effectively complete the technical parameters and needs of the production of plastic hollow boards.

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