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Domestic plastic pallet industry there are still problems

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Plastic pallet flow development is lagging behind, compared with other departments in circulation scale, velocity of circulation, circulation quality and benefit, or from the circulation on the depth and breadth of cannot adapt to the needs of economic and social development, more difficult to meet the needs of the development of the reform and opening up and foreign trade has become the bottleneck of the economic and social development of our country. As an important pillar of the Plastic collapsible cratetransportation, has long been highlighted the weak link of the development of national economy, it restricts the development of the economy. Mainly displays in:
1, less number of transport infrastructure, transport capacity is low; 2, transportation, technology and equipment level and management level is relatively backward; 3, transport network layout is not reasonable, transport capacity is not enough balance, transportation structure is unreasonable; 4, transportation can do matter in the department of wei leakage of ice contradictions are still outstanding, especially the serious shortage of railway transport capacity, the main transportation channel not free, etc. ; 5, plastic tray, plastic tray technology is wan temple to improve and enhance further. of socialization, modernization level is not high; 6, the management system needs further reform, need to strengthen industry management; 7, from the understanding of plastic tray, is a shift in idea, but heavy production for a long time, light the idea of circulation influence still exists, especially caused by a lack of understanding of plastic tray, often cause huge waste in circulation, poor management of plastic tray effect remains to be deepened understanding of the national economy.
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