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Double grid plastic tray production equipment, with the use of new technologies to realize single machine multi-function

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
is imperative, as the core of unitized logistics tray was broad and effective application is undoubtedly the most important. Ministry of Commerce, the national standards committee has gone from a few years ago began to focus on the tray and take effective measures, in the whole nation has its effect is obvious. The indications are that China's growing awareness of the tray, the tray of the heat is higher and higher.

double grid Plastic collapsible crateis becoming more and more widely, to promote the development of double grid production equipment and also put forward higher requirements on it. At present the tray on the international development trend of technology and equipment mainly reflects in the following respects.

production automation: tray production equipment automation not only improves the production efficiency, and possesses the advantages of safety and health. Typ - Japanese companies B series rotary vacuum chamber type packing machine, is a very high degree of automation of multi-station packaging machine. This machine has two turntable filling and vacuum, filling turntable has six station, complete for bags, feeding, filler sealing, and the package sent to the suction vacuum turntable; Vacuum turntable with 12 station ( Vacuum chamber) , complete the whole process of pumping air into vacuum state, sealing, finished product ejecting process, the production efficiency can reach 40 bags/min, is mainly used for packing of soft canned foods.

: with the use of new technologies on the packaging method, inflatable packaging has been widely used to replace the tray, the pneumatic components, packing materials and inflatable packaging machine combining three aspects of the study; On the control technology, more application of computer technology and microelectronic technology; In terms of the seal, the application of heat pipe and cold sealing technology; The advanced device installed directly on the tray production equipment, such as the computer control device with combination of coarse grains of high precision scales; On rotating or tray production equipment, application of advanced high-speed circular arc surface CAM indexing machinery, etc. All the adoption of new technologies, making the tray production more efficient and intelligent equipment.

single multi-function: on single machine to realize multi-function, can easily expand the scope of use. Single is more functional modular design. Through the transformation of different function modules and combination, produce is suitable for the different packaging materials, packaging, packaging requirements of tray production equipment. Representative products of German Bosch company's hesser factory production transfer bag tray production equipment, can be set bag making, weighing, filling, pumping air into vacuum state, sealing and other functions into an organic whole, convenient and quick.

the latest production line: when you need to function more and more long, will all the functions are concentrated in a single machine will make it very complicated structure, operation and maintenance convenience. Then can the function different, efficiency matching combination of several kinds of machine can successfully complete production line, to complete the packaging process is more complicated.

if a tray, including the equipment of the jig is no longer needed, just drop it on a store shelf or in a warehouse in the middle of the store. If a user in a frame of the contract within the scope of some parts need to call, you can reuse the tray and in a few short minutes machine will need to be modified.
automatic handling can realize plastic pallet manufacturers to reduce the manufacturing cost
in the single processing, small batch or medium batch process can be achieved by automatic replacement tray to reduce manufacturing costs. When a tray is in work space, equipped with a tray, then report to the control system by press the button 'equipment complete, can be processed.
when, after the completion of the first tray of workpiece processing machine will automatically change tray, through this way of working the operator can win more time for other jobs. Operator can at the same time in the process of time and equipment under an artifact or in another tray on this machine tools equipped the next processing artifacts; Or he can be related to the quality control measurements.

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