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Double-sided flat plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Plate type double-sided Plastic collapsible crateis made more for double-sided welding type structure, the two plastic injection ( Product design for the contect is the same) Welding as one again. Product processing raw material is the same as the most common plastic tray ( PP or PE material) 。
product categories:
1. Flat welding double forklift into the fork type in all directions.
  2。 Flat welding double forklift type 2 face into the fork.
products use features:
1. Shelves use, since the product is a both sides can use plastic pallet loading on shelves can satisfy two shelves at the same time span.
  2。 Stacking, flat-panel double-sided tray is suitable for more than two pallets of goods is the use of stacked up and down, and as a result of product design is the flat surface design, more widely used, Such as the packaging items for powder; Small granular, or a few small packing products and so on. 。 。 ) Stacking effect is better, make a lot of not supporting enterprise a lot less storage volume.
flat type double-sided Plastic collapsible cratedisadvantages:

flat type double-sided plastic tray, in both can satisfy the requirements of the use of all of the space at the same time, because of their generally can't form a complete set of conventional manual carrier to use ( There are some companies are also made for double tray has the handling equipment can be used for double tray) 。

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